Ways to Delete a Reddit Accounts

You can erase your Reddit account if you would like. The site is a news crowd and content rating site that allows you to post backlinks, text messages, photos, videos, and pictures. You can also build your own organizations and subreddits and share these kinds of with others. Although deleting your is no easy job. First, you need to log in on your Reddit profile. Then select “User settings” and select “Deactivate my account”.

After you have done that, you will need to log out of your Reddit account. Sign in using your profile credentials and select User Configurations. In the Consumer Settings site, you can find the Deactivate My Account link. You can use this kind of link to verify https://www.onetechnosolutions.com/how-to-delete-a-reddit-account the deletion of the account. It can prompt one to confirm the action. After this, you will not be able to recover your account. Make certain you do not have any other accounts within your name.

In order to deactivate your Reddit bill, you must sign in to your account and go to the Consumer Settings webpage. Scroll right down to the bottom for the page to select “Remove My Accounts. ” You may then select a reason behind deactivation. Ahead of you do away with your account, you have to confirm that the task cannot be corrected. Upon concluding the removal, your Reddit account won’t appear. You can still check out posts you made on the website, but they will no longer contain your username.