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This sleep quiz, derived from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, is a useful tool for quickly determining if you have a sleep disorder or if it is a factor in your overall health and well-being.
This evaluation and the results obtained are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice.

Do you suffer from sleep apnea?

Check all that apply:

  • I’m told I snore, and it can be rather loud.
  • Others claim that pauses, gasps, and snorts interrupt my snoring.
  • I’ve been told that while I sleep, I regularly stop breathing.
  • I’m a little overweight.
  • My mouth is dry when I wake up.
  • Morning headaches are a common occurrence for me.
  • My friends and family claim I’m irritated or grumpy a lot of the time.
  • My neck is more than 16 inches across, and I’m on medicine for high blood pressure.
  • I get a good night’s sleep, yet I’m tired during the day, especially when driving or at work.
  • Even if I fight it, I fall asleep when I don’t intend to.
  • I am a man.
  • I have a cousin who suffers from sleep apnea.

If you responded yes to three (3) or more of the questions in this section, you may have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a potentially serious condition that can raise your risk of heart attack, bets10, or death if left untreated. Sleep Services of Maryland recommends that you see a professional.

“True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is
to the body, nourishment and refreshment.”

~ William Penn