Bets10 Turkish Poker

Bets10 offers the Turkish Poker game online for poker lovers in Turkey, which they cannot find in any live casino site.
Although Turkish Poker is a game played differently from other types of poker, it has rules similar to regular poker games.
It has been accepted by poker masters in all countries and has become the symbol of casino games. With Bets10, you can play Turkish Poker, which is very entertaining, enjoyable and extremely exciting, against real players for real money.

Turkish Poker

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Turkish poker rules

In Turkish poker, the number of cards varies between 24 and 36 depending on the number of players. It is played with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 players. Setting up the deck is particularly important in Turkish poker.

If there are 2 players, cards 2 to 8 are removed from the deck and played with 24 cards, leaving only the ace, queen, king, leg, 10 and 9 cards. If there are 3 players, cards 2 to 7 are removed from the deck and played with 28 cards. If there are 4 players, the cards 2-6 are removed from the deck and the number of cards becomes 32. If there are 5 players, the 2, 3, 4 and 5 cards are removed from the deck and the game is played with a total of 36 cards.

According to the rules of the game, players are dealt 5 cards face down first, starting from the left. After the cards are dealt, the first round is played, after everyone has made their bid, the remaining people start changing cards. At this point, the players leave the 5 cards in their hands on the table without seeing as much as they want. They take back as many cards as they have left from the person who dealt.

When the cards are changed, a new betting round turns and if there are two players left, these players open their hand and the player with the better hand is declared the winner. Basically, it is a more popular and more familiar type of poker in Turkey, although there is not much difference when compared to classical poker.